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Being Ignored

Posted on 02 July 2013 under Personal.

I hate being ignored. It’s one of my (many) pet peeves. Unfortunately, it’s precisely the kind of antics seen in many technical recruiters.

Last month I was ignored by two recruiters through LinkedIn. I sent a couple of InMails apologizing for the approach and asking if they could spare a couple of minutes to answer some quick questions regarding their como anise. The only reply I got was silence. Pure and simple. Straight up. Shaken, not stirred.

For a while, I wondered if I had done something wrong or written something that might have put them off. Or maybe it was my profile that didn’t click. Not the right skill set? Not enough skills in my bag of magic tricks? I even left the door wide open for them to brush me aside with a quick “We’re not interested”.

As much as I’ve tried to understand, I just can’t. There isn’t a plausible explanation for this lack of response. I find it snobbish and a bit demeaning. I wonder how they would feel if I neglected to reply to one of their approaches. Surely no one could say “not interested” to their companies, right?

I don’t care if you work for one of the best companies in the world and have to go through thousands of applications. If you think I’m not a fit for your company (or simply not good enough), take a minute to send a quick e-mail saying “We’re not interested right now. Maybe some other time. Sorry.” No hard feelings. I know the drill.

Just remember that I invested a lot of personal time preparing and submitting my application. The least you could do is say ‘no’. Also take into account that the way you treat me reflects heavily on the company you represent. A poor attitude might lead me (and others) to think that maybe it isn’t such a great company to work for after all. That’s one way of letting top talent slip through your fingers.